1. Voting Process

The AMI Awards voting process is comprised of several stages consisting of submission, screening, nominating, special nominating committees, final voting, and results.

The AMI voting members, whose contact information is not disclosed, are all involved in the creative and technical recording fields. They participate in the nominations that determine the five finalists in each category and the final voting which names the AMI Awards winners. Here's how each stage of the process unfolds.

2. Submission

AMI members and record companies submit music to the AMI for consideration. Submissions must be commercially released during that eligibility year via general distribution in Indonesia by a recording label or recognized independent distributor, on the Internet, through mail order, or retail sales to a national market. AMI receives over 1,500 entries per year.

3. Screening

A star panel of 50+ experts in various fields receive each AMI submission to make sure that it is eligible, meets the qualifications and that it's been placed in the proper nomination category (e.g., jazz, pop, rock, rap).

4. Nomination

Voting members receive the first-round ballots during this stage, making up to five selections in each category.

5. Final Voting

Voting members then receive final-round ballots. An independent accounting firm, tabulates the votes.

6. Result

Final results remain unknown until the D-7 AMI Awards presentation at which time the accounting firm unveils the winner’s names in sealed envelopes.